Sunday, November 30, 2008

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Review on Twilight the movie

I am on the 3rd book but let me first share to you my persoal review of the movie.]

Genre: Romance
I was hesitant to read the book at first because I wasn't into vampires - really. And at that time, July 2008 I was torn between resigning or not so reading something was not one of my priorities.

Then came opening night of the movie. I received a lot of posts both of Twilight lovers and haters creating a buzz over the multiply world - and curious as I am I opened the e-book sent to me 4 months ago -

Oh my God

I fell...hard.

It suffices to say that I read the book within 24 hours - that's too fast for a very busy mom hahaha and watched the movie the following day. I promised to finish the book first because it's a fact that the movie may be based from the book but it will never, ever be the same.

It wasn't the best movie but it really swept me off my feet. I don't know. For so many years I've considered Titanic my favorite movie of all time but people change right? And so do my favorites! There were a lot of alterations from the original dialogues and scenes on the book but it was okay - it is understood that we can't put every single thing from the book in a 2-hour movie right? so please, stop the bashing!

Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) - I don't know again. I can't express my feelings in writing. He's just too - PERFECT! There in all his mighty hotness stands Edward Cullen - a very hot vampire in this emo generation. I wasn't expecting him to be mushy - because after all he is a vampire and a first time lover at that. He was not sure what his feelings were so it was expected that di siya marunong manligaw! Pattinson played the role very, very well which makes him my hottest foreign papa.

I know this movie was meant for teens and some may say that I am too old for this kind - but 28 isn't too old right?